The Community Association for Lasting Success (CALS) and Vegreville Preschool Association (VPA) have been in partnership for more than 19 years but more recently in the past few years have agreed to a management agreement in writing.

The Memorandum of Understanding states : "It is envisioned that the parties will work together to develop one governing body, CALS and VPA, and provide two programs, the Vegreville Preschool and Head Start Early Education as one entity or under one umbrella organization."

How does this partnership work within the classroom?

Currently VPA and CALS share the cost of the teacher and classroom supplies as well we run both the Head Start and Preschool programs jointly.

The Teacher, Education Assistants, Head Start Coordinator and Family Programming Liaison Worker work together to:

  • Help each child develop socially, emotionally, physically, creatively, and intellectually.
  • Promote, encourage and facilitate speech and language development.
  • Foster self-esteem and promote a positive self-concept in each child.
  • Recognize each child as an individual and to help each child realize and develop their own potential.
  • Work with the child at his/her own pace matching instructional activities to individual developmental needs and levels.
  • Help each child feel accepted, happy and secure in the classroom.
  • Be open to parent suggestions and promote parent involvement.

What is the Head Start Program?

An early education program that supports families and their children between the ages of 3 and 5 years of age who may be at risk for learning. The program's focus is on developing the skills necessary for successful life-long learning. It is an inclusive program operated in partnership with the Vegreville Preschool Association. There is no financial cost to families to participate in this program.

How does the Head Start program contribute to all children’s programming?

Within the Preschool Program, Head Start:

  • Provides additional staff within the classroom: Educational Assistants, Special Education Consultant, and another Teacher.
  • Provides direction and guidance to the Classroom Teacher and Educational Assistants.
  • Provides input and recommendations in curriculum planning.
  • Provides classroom resources and supplies.
  • Provides opportunities for innovative programming: e. gross motor days; gymnastic days; swimming/skating days, speech/language centers facilitated by Speech/language Therapist.
  • Provides assistance and guidance in behavior management strategies.
  • Provides access to other professionals, i.e. Speech/language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Behavior Consultant, Psychologist, Physical Therapist.
  • Shares in the cost of the classroom teacher.
  • Shares in the cost of classroom materials and supplies.
  • Offers parenting programs and workshops.